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Talking to leaders in business. Personal and Professional triumphs. Talent Management: What attracts people, what retains them and how do they perform to peak performance in challenging industries.

We are all about Talent. Attracting talent to an organization. Onboarding, engaging and retaining top talent. We have help companies build teams and we've also helped re-org and restructure when needed. We can coach, facilitate and help leadership teams reshape their teams.


Tell us a story from your career. Either something that drew you towards a company or something you helped create to draw  others to a company.


Think of a time in your career when you felt you were able to make a big impact on a team, a client, a project, a company. Anything that allowed you to really feel and see that you were able to either move a mountain on your own or help a company move one.


Given the current market conditions around your existing business, what does the year ahead look like? Have you had to pivot dramatically to adjust to the changing times?



Adrienne Barker, MAS


Being a guest on Lance's show was an enlightening experience. I've witnessed firsthand the magic that Lance creates. His comprehensive business acumen, paired with effective strategies, truly sets him apart. His vast experience woven with his genuine belief in the power of business showcases a dedication that's rare to find.

Sheila Slick, MS

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